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Traxxas 1/10 Scale Nitro Sport 2WD Stadium Truck - 4510
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It's Easy to Get Started With Genuine Traxxas Nitro Power!

Thinking Nitro?

Now with an aggressive new look, Nitro Sport is the easiest, most affordable way to get into nitro power with a full-featured, high-performance Ready-To-Race model. Traxxas pioneered the concept of ready-to-run nitro trucks and we have been perfecting them for over 20 years. Nitro Sport is fast, easy-to-use, and loaded with performance. Traxxas professional factory assembly along with our exclusive EZ-Start push-button electric engine starting gets you running just minutes out of the box. Part of the fun of nitro is learning how to tune the engine and watching as small fuel mixture adjustments reward you with huge performance gains. Nitro Sport's TRX Pro.15 engine delivers proven power and reliability, and features a precision two-needle carburetor that delivers high output over a wide range of conditions. The wide tuning latitude makes the TRX Pro.15 very forgiving so it stays running and idles smoothly as you learn how to perfect the tune and optimize the performance.


  • Aggressive body styling and ProGraphix paint scheme
  • Mirror-chrome Twin-Spoke 2.8" wheels
  • High-traction Alias racing tires
  • Full ball bearings
  • Pre-glued tires
  • EZ-Start controller with built-in diagnostics
  • Powder coated white springs
  • Gray Ultra Shocks
  • Detailed owners manual
  • Precision high-torque steering servo

Genuine Traxxas Nitro Performance Beyond Your Expectations

You're going nitro so you expect top performance. Nitro Sport delivers with spectacular acceleration and top speeds of 38+mph! It's made even better with the sound and smell of real nitro horsepower. Nitro Sport is a driver's machine that is fully equipped for the race-track with features such as the adjustable slipper clutch, long-travel independent suspension with tunable oil-filled Ultra Shocks, full ball bearings, powerful disc brake, and responsive single-point steering. Nitro Sport's sophisticated chassis combines lightweight composite materials with the engine cooling properties of T6 aluminum. The dual-plane layout is extra rigid for consistent, rugged performance. The precision handling helps you become a better driver, however crashes and mishaps are inevitable as driving skills develop with the increased speed of nitro. Nitro Sport is built Traxxas-Tough to prevent breakage and keep you driving. With a wide variety of compatible parts and accessories available from your hobby dealer, Nitro Sport is easy to repair or customize.

Fully Assembled And Ready-To-Race

Nitro Sport is a complete package that is fully assembled and Ready-To-Race with an installed, high-power TQ pistol-grip radio system. The all-new body has a muscular, powerful design with incredible new graphics and the tires are pre-glued to 2.8" Twin-Spoke mirror-chrome wheels. Even the decals are applied. Nitro Sport also comes with full Traxxas support. Experienced pros are with you every step of the way to answer questions and help you succeed with your nitro adventure. Toll-free* support is available via telephone, e-mail, or online. The TRX Pro.15 Engine is backed by the Lifetime Engine Replacement Plan that makes it simple and affordable to upgrade to a brand-new engine and more power down the road. Click on the details tab above to learn more about Nitro Sport's performance features and see it in action for yourself by clicking on the video tab.

MODEL 4510: Fully assembled, Ready-To-Race, with TQ radio


Bold New Styling

With its custom look, no one would ever guess the Nitro Sport is Traxxas' most affordable nitro truck. The aggressive body design and cutting-edge graphics scream power and performance, but there's no painting, trimming or mounting required. Nitro Sport arrives 100% Ready-To-Race. For unmatched strength, the rear wing mounts to the body using countersunk aluminum hardware.

Alias 2.8" Pre-Glued Tires with Foam Inserts

Nitro Sport is equipped with impressive 2.8" Twin-Spoke mirror-chrome wheels, Alias step-pin rear tires and Alias ribbed tires up front. The Twin-Spoke wheels feature a lightweight horizontal bead that holds the tire to the rim even under extreme rpm. Performance-designed foam inserts are standard and all tires come pre-glued from the factory to get you rolling right out of the box.

TRX Pro.15 Engine

The TRX Pro.15, known for easy tuning, smooth idle, and reliable running, features true ABC (Aluminum piston, Brass sleeve withChrome plating) construction, a heavy-duty connecting rod, and smooth ball bearings. EZ-Start electric starting brings the engine to life quickly and safely at the touch of a button, and the TRX Pro .15's wide and predictable tuning latitude make it the perfect engine for the first-time nitro enthusiast. The TRX Pro.15 also gives you the peace-of-mind of the Traxxas Lifetime Engine Replacement Plan, and down the road, affordably upgrades to the powerful racing performance of the TRX 2.5R Racing Engine.

Dual-Needle Carburetor

The TRX Pro.15 carburetor features a larger 6mm intake bore for better breathing. Double O-ring sealing on both the low and high speed needle adjustments helps to eliminate air leaks. The carburetor barrel has a dust cap for extra protection against dirt.

Aluminum Piston

The TRX Pro.15's durable aluminum piston features an oil groove in the top. The oil groove promotes better sealing and compression. It also increases the lubrication between the cylinder sleeve and the piston, reducing wear and heat.

Connecting Rod

The special channeled-beam connecting rod offers greater strength and long-lasting performance. The channeled design has an extra benefit of directing the oil flow down to the crankshaft bushing.

Ball Bearings

The TRX Pro.15 uses precision steel ball bearings for high performance, high-RPM durability. The ball bearings are sealed to keep dirt out, and they reduce friction for ultra-responsive performance.

EZ-Start Electric Starting System

The EZ-Start system offers the convenience of one-handed operation and complete on-board, push-button electric starting. The Traxxas EZ-Start lights your glow plug and starts your engine quickly and smoothly at the push of a button. Traxxas' exclusive Smart Start technology monitors critical starting functions, automatically sensing and diagnosing potential problems for trouble free engine starting every time! LEDs provide real-time status, even alerting you when a glow plug has failed.

Rubber-Sealed Ball Bearings

Nitro Sport includes a complete set of efficient rubber-sealed ball bearings at all four corners, in addition to the ball bearing transmission, for smooth, long-lasting and precise driving. In dirt and nitro environments, rubber-sealed ball bearings provide the ultimate protection.

Fiber-Composite / 6061-T6 Aluminum Chassis

The fiber-composite upper chassis deck stabilizes the fuel tank and ties in to the 6061-T6 lower aluminum chassis. The dual-plane design decreases chassis flex allowing the suspension to effectively soak up the bumps. The blue-anodized aluminum chassis acts like a heat sink to draw additional heat away from the engine, and features countersunk screw holes to prevent speed-robbing drag.

High-Torque Steering Servo

A high-speed stadium truck needs a powerful steering servo for responsive performance. An included Traxxas high-torque steering servo comes standard for enhanced steering authority and reliability.

Tuned Exhaust System

Nitro Sport's tuned exhaust system increases the engine's power output for maximum torque and incredible top speed. It also promotes cooler running and better fuel efficiency.

Adjustable Slipper Clutch

The slipper clutch on the Nitro Sport is fully adjustable to control the power output to the rear wheels for increased traction control on a wide variety of surfaces. It also protects the transmission during high-impact jump landings.

Planetary Gear Differential

Nitro Sport's gear differential is the best choice for drivers who want performance and fun without maintenance and adjustment headaches. The hardened-steel gears of the planetary gear design are built to last. They require no adjustment and are virtually maintenance free.

Magnum 281 Transmission

The Nitro Magnum 281 transmission is built Nitro Tough with 32 pitch gears, metal top gear, and smooth-running, long-lasting precision ball bearings. This proven, track-tested, three-gear design is built for high performance driving applications.

Slider Driveshafts

Durable slider driveshafts transfer the power from the transmission to the rear wheels, and they allow greater articulation for increased suspension travel. Smooth-turning universal joints on both ends of the driveshaft minimize wear and maximize efficiency.

Large-Diameter Disc Brake

Powerful braking is provided by a large-diameter brake disc. This braking system provides smooth engagement for consistent braking performance.

Oil-Filled Ultra Shocks

Traxxas Nitro Sport's oil-filled Ultra Shocks feature gray shock bodies, white powder coated springs, and are fully tunable for race-inspired performance. The spring pre-load is adjustable via precise clip-on spacers making it easy to know that each shock is adjusted to the same spec. Rubber pressure bladders prevent air pockets and foaming common with bladderless designs. Double o-ring seals in the shock body prevent leaking.

Enclosed Receiver Box and Rear Battery Box

The enclosed receiver box and rear battery box help protect the electronics from dust, dirt and fuel, so you spend more time driving, less time wrenching.


To suit any driving style and environment the Nitro Sport is fully adjustable from the turnbuckles to the numerous shock mounting positions. The rear anti-squat is also adjustable using the optional anti-squat wedges (part #1934).

TQ Radio System

The included TQ radio system includes a high-power transmitter with a specially designed comfort grip, a precise high-torque steering servo, and a compact receiver. The perfectly balanced TQ transmitter features servo reversing, a low battery indicator, electronic trim control, and it is digitally proportional for precise steering and throttle control.


Thinking Nitro? This is Where You Start!

  • Aggressive body design with bolt-on rear wing
  • Mirror-chrome Twin-Spoke 2.8" wheels and Alias racing tires with foam inserts
  • 5-color ProGraphix body artwork. No painting required!
  • TRX Pro.15 engine with the exclusive EZ-Start electric starting system
  • 38+mph top speed
  • Two-needle aluminum carburetor
  • Tough fiber-composite and T6 aluminum construction
  • Adjustable slipper clutch
  • Tuned pipe exhaust system
  • X-Tra long, fiber-composite, suspension arms
  • Adjustable, easy-to-change gear ratios
  • Telescoping, U-joint driveshafts
  • Planetary differential with steel gears
  • Complete set of rubber-sealed ball bearings
  • Magnum 281 transmission
  • X-Tra long, high-volume, oil-filled Ultra Shocks
  • Powerful disc brake
  • Traxxas Support
    • Detailed manual included
    • Parts and service availability from almost 2,000 hobby dealers worldwide
    • E-mail and toll-free phone support accessibility



Length   17.25"(438mm)
Front Track   12.5" (318mm)
Rear Track   12.38" (314mm)
Weight (no fuel)   62oz (1.79kg)
Height (overall)   6" (152mm)
Wheelbase   11.31" (287mm)
Front Shock Length    Long
Rear Shock Length   XXLong
Front Tires    Alias Ribbed 2.8"
Rear Tires   Alias Step-Pin 2.8"
Front Wheels    2.8" Twin-Spoke Chrome 
Rear Wheels    2.8" Twin-Spoke Chrome 
Gear Ratio (internal)   2.81
Differential Type   Planetary
Gear Pitch   32-Pitch
Transmission   Nitro Magnum 281
Drive System   Shaft-Driven 2WD
Steering   Single Point
Chassis Type   Dual Plane
Chassis Material   T6 Aluminum / Composite
Radio System   Traxxas TQ (2-Channel)
Engine (fuel-powered)   TRX Pro.15 w/ EZ-Start
Brake Type   Disc
Fuel Tank Capacity   75cc
Top Speed   38+mph


Engine TRX Pro.15 TRX 2.5 Racing Engine
Tires Pro-Trax 2.2" Alias 2.8"
Chassis T6 Aluminum/composite 6061-T6 Aluminum
Steering Single Point Bellcrank
Top Speed 38+mph 50+mph
Radio System TQ TQ 2.4GHz Traxxas Link

MODEL 4510: Fully assembled, Ready-To-Race, with TQ radio

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Traxxas 1/10 Scale Nitro Sport 2WD Stadium Truck - 4510 TRA-4510$299.99Color: 

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