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50cc Stand Up Gas Scooter X-Treme Xg 499 W/Exhaust
scooterxg499Regular price: $449.99Sale price: $389.99
This is one of the very few 50cc stand up gas scooters you will find on the net. Most stand up gas scooters are 36cc to 43cc but finding one with a 50cc priced at a 43cc price is going to be tough. This scooter is fast, comes in all chrome, and has a strong 50cc gas scooter engine with pull start. Plus it is easily foldable, compact and light yet durable too. The X-Treme XG-499 does not disappoint. Its powerful 49cc two-stroke engine gets this gas scooter moving at speeds of up to 30 mph.

The seat kit is completely optional although it is included FREE. You decide if you want the seat kit installed or not. This item is in stock and arrives to your door in just a few days. These new stand up gas scooters now come with aluminum racing dirt bike handle bars, both front & rear disk brakes, a smaller and double welded muffler, dual bar front shocks, EPA certified engines & an aluminum handle pole. Won't last forever at these low prices.

* This model is NOT CARB certified and cannot be sold in California * If you order this model to California, it will be sent without the muffler.

Motor: 50cc 2 Stroke Gasoline Engine

Brakes: Front & Rear Disc Brakes!

Speed: 30+ MPH

Air Tires: 10 inch

Weight: 40 lbs

Riding Capacity: 300 lbs

Optional Seat Kit Included but does not have to be installed

Handle Pole & Bars Aluminum pole with dirt bike racing handle bars

Shocks Double weld bar with dual spring shocks (very strong)

Exhaust System Smaller pipe, increased power & welded twice for support

Tank: 1 Liter 32:1

Drive Range: 30 Miles

Features: Chain Driven, Foldable Handlebar, Dual Front Shocks, 50cc

Colors: All Chrome

Shipping & Packing Scooter arrives 99% assembled

Warranty: 30 Day X-Treme Warranty - 6 Month Battery Warranty

scooterxg499Regular price: $449.99Sale price: $389.99

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