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Forever Flashlight Will Be The Last Flashlight You Ever Buy
Forever FlashlightRegular price: $29.95Sale price: $19.95
Just shake and light with our ultra white LED Forever Flashlight. Batteries not required. This is the flashlight that will never let you down! At home, in the car, in your camper, boat, or storm emergency kit, forever flashlight is always ready-even if you haven't used or checked it in years.

Order today and we will double your order for free! That's right, get 2 flashlights for only $19.99. Isn't your peace of mind worth less than 20 bucks?

Waterproof case even floats

Light visible for up to a mile.

It's Maintenance Free

The Last Flashlight you will ever need! No batteries or bulbs saver

Forever flashlight uses no batteries and requires and only the single, included LED. Leave it unused in your car's glove box for years with complete peace of mind-you will get that all-important light when you need it. Forever flashlight pays for itself quickly by saving you the cost of the batteries required to keep a standard flashlight in working order.

How does Forever Flashlight works

English physicist Michael Faraday discovered that any change in the magnetic environment of a coil will "induce" voltage in that coil.

Forever flashlight makes use of faraday's law of induction to give you a lifetime of light without batteries replacement LED's or maintenance worries. The math used in Faraday's formula maybe a bit challenging.

But the Forever flashlight makes it all simple-shake it and slide on the switch to get a dependable light. Every time.


Rechargeable capacitor

Zero maintenance required

Water and weatherproof

Charging the Dynamo Flashlight

Your Dynamo Flashlight never needs a battery!! It is charged by shaking the unit.

For the best results, follow these steps in charging;

1.Turn the unit off with a switch 2.Hold the unit parallel to the ground and shake it with moderate force about two three times per second.

Forever FlashlightRegular price: $29.95Sale price: $19.95

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