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Click to enlargeRC Helicopter Everyone Can Fly

electric-rc-helicopterRegular price: $299.99Sale price: $199.95
If you are looking for a remote control helicopter that anyone can fly, then this is the one for you. Not sure if you or the person is going to stick with the hobby? No patience, easily frustrated, beginner, or just want to have great fun with little effort? No problem! Whatever the reason, this rc helicopter will have even the amateur rc pilot flying in minutes. Order 2 helicopters and we will send different transmitter frequencies for simultaneous flight fun!

Attention flight enthusiasts here at last is a radio-controlled helicopter that's stable enough to fly indoors and nimble enough to fly from room to room. This engineering marvel is based on a twin, counter-rotating, main rotor blade design that completely cancels out main-rotor torque the powerful force that makes traditional helicopters so challenging to fly.

Fly this helicopter outside or inside your very own living room, bedroom, or office. Offering all the benefits and flight control of a conventional 4 channel helicopter without the traditional attention needed for flight control. Fly forwards, left, right, backwards, and hover with stability and ease! Act now and we will include a lithium battery so you can fly your rc helicopter for over 30 minutes on a single charge.

Want to fly two RC helicopters at once? No problem. Order 2-3 of these RC helicopters today and we will give you 2-3 separate radio frequencies!

Also suitable for practicing hovering. We carry all spare parts for this rc helicopter. This Ready To Fly RC Helicopter is a complete set with new Lithium batteries that give you over 30 minutes of flight time with a single charge. Easy to Fly. Order today and get a free extra set of blades with each helicopter ($30.00 value).


"Hobby-quality" radio-control helicopter Flies indoors or out Weighted Gyrofly stabilizing bars Four-channel proportional radio control (pitch, roll, yaw and throttle) Flight duration of about 30 minutes per charge Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery Charger included

With its unprecedented precision control, this helicopter can even take off and land on tabletops remaining stable at any throttle setting. The typical challenge of learning to fly a helicopter simply disappears, and you become an expert pilot overnight

The upper rotor head always maintains stability because the horizontal-keeping stabilizer mechanically makes the rotor cycle when the body is inclined during flights.

The lower rotor head is a stabilizer-less head mechanism. This allows precise control with extremely fast response in steering time. The slide type swash plate is moved by two geared motors (servo) in the horizontal direction, in which and at the amount in which the body is tilted back and forth, and from side to side.

In rudder control ( rotation of the body), the direction is changed by changing the torque through generation of differences in rotational frequency between the upper and lower rotors. By increasing or decreasing each motor output distribution for the upper and lower rotors with our original electronic circuit, the body can be traversed with up-and-down movements minimized. (For the gyro, a piezoelectric element type is used.) Main body: Assembled and flight-adjusted. Reduction in size since no tail rotor is needed. Hovering in a completely horizontal condition. Smooth side-to-side rudder transverse. High efficiency since all rotor rotations can be of a buoyant force.

Spare rotors : Enclosed for replacement Specifications :

Total Length : 430 mm
Fuselage Width : 90 mm
Fuselage Length : 350 mm
Overall Height : 350 mm
Weight : 208 g
Motors : 180SH X 2
Battery : Li-poly Battery Pack
Radio : 4 Channel

Items Included:
1. Rc Helicopter pre-assembled, with all servos and receiver installed
2. 4 Channel Radio Trasmitter
4. Li-poly Battery power supply system
5. Battery Charger
Plus an Extra set of blades with each of these rc helicopters!

electric-rc-helicopterRegular price: $299.99Sale price: $199.95

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