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Gas Scooters 49CC W/Race Motor Can Be Sent To California (Awesome Deal)
76-23Regular price: $499.99Sale price: $399.98Color: 
Super Strong 49cc Racer Motor. Now You Can Have The Best For Less. Works well both on and off-road. ON SALE TODAY.

Don't have a big budget, but need a great gas scooter to ride? Now you can cruise around in style at speeds over 30 MPH while getting great gas mileage. Full front suspension and beautiful 10" radial tires ensure a smooth ride whether on road or off. Did you know that some gas scooters have to keep moving or they will shut down? Not this one. You can idle at stops which means the scooter will not shut down until you are done riding. The shutdown is completed via a button at arm's length on the handlebars.

This scooter is fast and the throttle control allows you to have tons of power on demand. We had a large shipment come in and are able to offer this special price while supplies last.

Powered: Chain Driven
Motor Displacement: 49cc Pull Start
Speeds: 30-35 MPH
Motor type: Air Cooled 2 Stroke (2 Cycle) Single Cylinder
Tank: 1 Liter
Distance on Tank: 25 to 32 Miles
Fuel type: Oil/Gas Mix (32 to 1 Ratio)
Drive Train: Centrifugal Clutch (Automatic)
Max. Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
Gas Scooters Weight: 31 lbs
Throttle: Handgrip Style (Motorcycle)
Deck: Aluminum
Brakes: Front/Rear Disc
Tires: 10 X 3.5 Air Filled
Warranty: 30 Days Parts Replacement

Compare our scooters to similar units costing almost $1000.00 here. Inc. Copyright All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without the express written permission of is prohibited.

76-23Regular price: $499.99Sale price: $399.98Color: 

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