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Click to enlarge250 Lite Electric Scooter W/Free Seat & Warranty

250 Lite Electric ScooterRegular price: $379.99Sale price: $229.95Color: 
The 250 electric scooter is back in stock

The latest in product innovation and future scooter technology. Welcome to the 250 electric scooter. A powerful 250 Watt electric motor + 2 batteries equaling 24 output volts. Order today and get all of this under an aluminum deck with an optional seat kit tossed in for free. Ride on the latest technology and features 8" air filled tires, aluminum looking mag wheels, and features a rear drum braking system for awesome stopping power.

This is a great little electric scooter and the frame cannot be broken. The frame is made of high tension steel, the deck is made of aluminum. This is a wonderful scooter for smaller kids & it easily folds and locks in the folded position for storage or transportation. It will fit in the trunk of any vehicle and could probably fit into a school locker if needed.

Both dependable & tough. This electric scooter can be dropped, jumped, and put through the rigorous use any young kid is going to give to it and be used every day with no problems.

The top speed is up to 15 MPH. We still suggest riders always wear a bicycle helmet and other safety gear when riding any size scooter.

Product Specifications:
Power: Electric
Watts: 250 Watts
Amps: 20
Volts: 24 Volt System
Batteries: Two 12 volts Maintenance Free Batteries
Tire Size: 8" Aluminum Looking Mag Wheels (Wheels Are Plastic)
Charger: Smart Charger Included
Tool Kit: Included
Speed: Up To 15 mph
Distance: 10 - 12 miles per charge
Throttle Type: Variable speed control
Kick Stand: Included - Welded To Frame
Seat Kit Included: Yes - It's Optional But Included Free
Braking System: Rear Drum Brakes
Drive System: Belt
Foldable: Yes - Folds & Locks In Folded Position
Body Type: Aluminum
Frame Type: High Tension Steel (cannot break)
Design: Stand Up / Optional Sit Down Seat Kit Included
Scooter Size: Length 33" Height 31" - 40" Adjustable
Height Handle Bars
Suggested Max Weight: 300 lbs.
Carton Size (LxWxH): 35 x 9 x 16
Scooter In Box Weight: 50 lbs.
Scooter Weight: 40 lbs.
Controller: Heavy Duty (20 Amp)
Spring Loaded Seat: Yes
Forks: Polished Steel
Height: Completely Adjustable From 31 Inches To 40 Inches
Warranty: 30 Day Manufacturer Warranty - 6 Month Battery Warranty

250 Lite Electric ScooterRegular price: $379.99Sale price: $229.95Color: 

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