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Razor E100/E125/150/E175 Electric Scooter Rear Wheel
Razor-E100-E125-150-E175-Electric-Scooter-Rear-WheelRegular price: $37.49Sale price: $24.62
Replacement rear wheel assembly for the CHAIN DRIVEN Razor e100/e125 (version 5+), e150 (version 6+), and the e175 (version 18+) Electric Scooter with front brakes. Includes the chain sprocket.

**NOTE: Razor Scooter versions can be determined by locating your bar code ID on the bottom of the scooter/deck. The 7th and 8th digit in the series will tell you the version of your product: 01=version 1; 02=version 2; 09=version 9, and so on. Please be sure you identify your product version before placing an order for this wheel.

**NOTE: Not compatible with the Razor e150 (version 1-5) Scooter and the BELT DRIVEN Razor e100 or e125 Electric Scooters.

Razor-E100-E125-150-E175-Electric-Scooter-Rear-WheelRegular price: $37.49Sale price: $24.62

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